Monthly Archives: January 2016

Exercise! It’s Not as Hard as You Think……

It is January, and that can only mean one thing. Overcrowded gyms filled with people executing New Year’s Resolutions, sweating through short-lived exercise programs. We all know exercise is important to our health, but it is difficult to sustain consistency. In the midst of all this pressure, there is an appalling health warning that ‘sitting is the new smoking.’ This […]

We told Zoe’s story and here is what happened next

Immediately following the death of our dog, Zoe, we took respite at a local restaurant. We couldn’t bear to face the emptiness of our dog-less home. We weren’t hungry, and reassured the server that our tears and poor intake were not from dissatisfaction with the food. She said she had recently made the gut-wrenching decision to re-home her dog, and understood our […]

How To Strengthen Your Flabby Dare Devil Muscles

Every hometown newspaper in the universe has featured a story about an adventurous retiree fulfilling a lifelong dream of skydiving. I see that beaming face lunge from 14,000 feet and shudder. I could NEVER do that. Or could I? Could the straightest path to a mature adrenaline rush be a matter of…practice? It is common knowledge that young people […]

How ‘Away in a Manger’ Ruins the Greatest Story Ever Told

It’s been a busy Christmas season, and now that I have a little down time I can reflect on Epiphany, which ends the 12 days of Christmas on 1/6/16. I wonder if one reason Santa Claus flying around on a sled with 8 tiny reindeer is so believable over the birth story of Jesus, is because people […]