Monthly Archives: March 2016

Do you suffer from decision fatigue?

Do you have trouble with the multitude of decisions involved in carrying carry out mundane activities? Like grocery shopping? Here is how a typical trip to the grocery store evolves for me. Before I leave home I choose the week’s menu, make an organized list of the items I need to create these culinary delights, and skip off to […]

Who was Erma Bombeck and why does she still matter?

When I started writing my blog, I found it particularly difficult to compose my bio. I wanted to say that my writings were the love child of Erma Bombeck and Jerry Seinfeld. But I felt too presumptuous putting anything I wrote in the same league as Erma Bombeck. Following the example of my blogging friend Roxanne […]

Six practical tips for exhausted parents

Parents are getting burned out these days with children and babies awake at all hours, making uninterrupted sleep a bygone memory. There is a lot of professional advice for parents about how to stave off fatigue. But my family and friends tell me they have abandoned the experts, and are living in a state of sleep-deprived despair. How can these desperate […]

Dear Bernie…..a boomer’s wish list

I don’t usually get involved in political rhetoric for fear of becoming homicidal, and spending my retirement behind bars. And I look dreadful in orange. Plus I don’t want to think about the last time I wore a jumpsuit. Anyway, with the election intensifying, I’ve become entangled in some of the Bernie brouhaha. I took […]

Advice for Donald: say this, not that

Remember the book “Eat This, Not That?” It was full of shocking disclosures about foods with enormous quantities of sugar, salt and fat, and then offered suggestions for healthier options. I started thinking about similarities with Donald Trump. He believes his comments are full of quality content, but are there more palatable alternatives to help us swallow […]