Monthly Archives: April 2016

Deep cleaning: is that even a thing?

Our son, James, has shown some disturbing qualities, and I blame my husband, Patrick, who has been his stepfather since 1991. Let me explain. The other day we were talking with James, and he mentioned that he and his wife were hiring someone to do some ‘deep cleaning’ for them. My reaction was, “Deep cleaning? […]

The surprising truth about consuming high risk foods

Earlier this year I did something that made me wonder if I had lost my sense of culinary adventure. I don’t mean raw, oysters-on the-half-shell-type culinary adventure. What I’m referring to is surrendering to full-fledged FEAR: Forsaking Edibles to Avoid Risk. Here’s what happened. On January 10th, I found an unopened Chobani Greek yogurt in the back of the refrigerator […]

The day the dishwasher died

If you are old enough, you remember where you were the day of the Kennedy assassination, or when you heard the news that Elvis Presley died. I’ve added a new date to my list of traumatic events: the day the dishwasher died. Our Kenmore Elite was 13 years old, so I should have seen it […]

How do you judge a grocery cart? Take this quiz to find out!

Remember the hilarious movie “Date Night” when Claire (Tina Fey) and Phil (Steve Carrell) go out to a restaurant and analyze other couples’ actions, playing a game called, “What’s Their Story?” I have to confess something. I do this when I grocery shop. I examine the contents of people’s grocery carts, and make up possible scenarios […]