Monthly Archives: June 2016

Do you dare to dream small?

Bucket lists are fashionable, with people grasping to fulfill lifelong dreams. I don’t know about you, but I am intimidated by some of these lists that look like a ‘to do’ list for overachievers. And comparing my aspirations with these dynamos makes me feel pathetic. Not one to tarry in shame and humiliation, I have […]

Remembering Aunt Amber’s lesson on forgiveness

My Aunt Amber taught me a great deal about being independent, tough, resilient and kind. And one of the best lessons she taught me came through an experience I had with her African violet. Growing up on a farm meant not much time or money for vacations, so it was momentous when Dad declared he’d […]

No grad left behind

Streamers and banners are down, and balloons have given up their last hits of helium. The auditorium is empty, and pomp and circumstance have been packed away until next year. Graduation is officially over. High school speeches have served up standard clichés: “As we go forth” “Let us look forward but also let us look back” ”Success is […]

10 Tips to help you thrive at your high school reunion

Have you gotten an invitation yet for this year’s high school class reunion?  Are you wondering how you will not only survive the experience, but also thrive? Here are some practical strategies to help put your best foot forward. Try to gain as much weight as you can. Since it is definitely too late to […]