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Wandering the streets of Portland, or what I did on my vacation

I don’t like to travel, but I spent part of my vacation in Portland impersonating a street person. It was hard. And I had some unique experiences.

Discovering my ancestry despite being a cowardly cheapskate

I was too cheap to pay for a DNA analysis, but I was intrigued enough to imagine what my sample would reveal. Here are my unscientific results.

Trump leprechaun ban results in disastrous consequences

President Trump has picked a lousy time to ban leprechauns with St. Patrick’s Day on the calendar this week. And as with all sweeping decisions this ban has had some unexpected and disastrous consequences. Read full post to see how you can help save tradition.

Do you have what it takes to show empathy to a sick husband?

When I was sick for several weeks, my husband showed me extreme empathy. Was I able to return the favor? I reveal all in this humor essay.

10 Sure-fire ways to cope with cabin fever

It is inevitable that people who live in snowy climates develop cabin fever. This post provides some great coping strategies.

7 Ways surviving a Maine winter is like the winter Olympics

I had an epiphany. Living through a Maine winter is similar to participating in athletic events like the winter Olympics. What are the Maine winter games? I’ve touched on seven on them in this humor essay.

You need to know about these obscure conspiracies

This humor essay helps us remove our blinders so we can see some of the surprising conspiracies operating in our everyday life.

Changing the world one nap at a time

We all know how important it is to rest as we race through our frantic, over-extended lives. God felt so strongly about it he made it a commandment. Let’s make the world better by resting up. One nap at a time.

Weight loss tips to tame your inner glutton

I blamed outside influences for my weight gain. I had to face the truth before I could come up with a weight loss strategy. I am a volume eater. Can you relate? Have I got some tips for you!

Let’s wage war on incontinence: join #pantylinernation

Coughing uncontrollably from a recent upper respiratory infection inspired me to start a movement to wage war on incontinence. This is your invitation to join the efforts by becoming part of #pantylinernation.