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10 Sure-fire ways to cope with cabin fever

It is inevitable that people who live in snowy climates develop cabin fever. This post provides some great coping strategies.

7 Ways surviving a Maine winter is like the winter Olympics

I had an epiphany. Living through a Maine winter is similar to participating in athletic events like the winter Olympics. What are the Maine winter games? I’ve touched on seven on them in this humor essay.

How winter sunbirds will boost Maine economy

If you’ve read my blog post entitled, “6 Compelling Reasons to Winter in Maine,”  you know that the winter population around these parts is about to explode. How can we be ready with open hearts and hands to warmly welcome our Florida neighbors, and their cash? What sorts of effects will this demographic shift have on our economy? […]

Six compelling reasons to winter in Maine

It’s inevitable when you live in Maine. With the first snap of cold weather, people start grumbling about winter – the black sheep of the season family – and some of your favorite people make the trek to sunny Florida. I see their Facebook status popping up like postcards from heaven. Bronze faces enjoying poolside pleasures, long […]