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Business reacts swiftly to restrain employees

A fake news story from The Onion prompted some ideas of my own as a follow up. What would happen if workers stood at their desks, walked out and never returned?

Resume Writer’s Block

Despite an abundance of ‘blogs in progress,’ I recently experienced a bad case of writer’s block. Let me explain. Everyone in our office is being downsized, right sized, restructured, laid off. I thought I could retire. But my financial advisor shook her head, gave me an encouraging pat on the back, and suggested I update my resume. And now I have resume writer’s […]

Nine Tell Tale Signs of “Workopause”

There comes a time in your life when you have paid off the mortgage, the kids are grown and you realize your career quads are too weak to climb the corporate ladder.   You start to daydream about what life would be like if you did the unthinkable. Retire. Unless you’ve been unjustly kicked to […]