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The creepy clown incident – guest post by John R. Cobb

Have you heard about the creepy clown sightings across the country? Here is a scary guest post from John R. Cobb with a story you won’t soon forget!

7 More real things to fear this Halloween

Move over ghosts and goblins. In this follow up Halloween post I outline seven more things from everyday life that scare me.

Keepsakes in the Attic – Guest Post by John R. Cobb

I am thrilled to publish a guest post today from fellow Maine writer, John R. Cobb. This is an exclusive story written for Shallow Reflections to enhance your Halloween experience. I hope you like it as much as I do. Allow this sample to sharpen your appetite for more of John’s excellent writing. “What’s in here?” […]

How to Properly Rot Five Common Fruits

Rumor has it that some people buy fruit and don’t eat it. It’s possible some people are eating Halloween candy that stores have been pushing since July. If I repeat this post periodically, trying in vain to get someone to read through it, just substitute Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter for Halloween. In other words, this advice is […]