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A sampler of the potatoes of Mum’s life and love

This Mother’s Day has me remembering how hard my mother worked to feed us. She showed us love every day with her potato cooking skills.

7 Ways surviving a Maine winter is like the winter Olympics

I had an epiphany. Living through a Maine winter is similar to participating in athletic events like the winter Olympics. What are the Maine winter games? I’ve touched on seven on them in this humor essay.

Maine men abandon wives, save marriages

An interesting thing happens in Maine every November. Men abandon their wives by the thousands. They think they are going deer hunting but they are actually contributing to the longevity of their marriages.

How to Write and Share Humor comes to Bangor as part of world tour

When Donna Cavanagh announced that all royalties from her book “How to Write and Share Humor” would go to support Humor Outcasts, she didn’t foresee the launching of a world book tour. Shallow Reflections recounts the book’s fun stop in Bangor, Maine.

Six compelling reasons to winter in Maine

It’s inevitable when you live in Maine. With the first snap of cold weather, people start grumbling about winter – the black sheep of the season family – and some of your favorite people make the trek to sunny Florida. I see their Facebook status popping up like postcards from heaven. Bronze faces enjoying poolside pleasures, long […]

What is Joyful About Living in Darkness?

On Winter Solstice the sun rose at 7:09 a.m. and set at 3:45 p.m, marking Maine’s shortest day. The clock still ticked through 24 hours, but we groped around in the dark for most of them. Darkness has gotten a bad reputation; associated with evil, fear, and gloom. Apparently I’m missing some depressed brain cells, because living in […]